The For Honor Alpha will be the first time for many users to try out For Honor.

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For Honor Alpha Date: Ubisoft will open the doors to the For Honor Alpha on September 15th 3 PM CEST/6AM PT till September 19th 2 AM CEST/September 18th 5 PM PT.  The For Honor Alpha will be available on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC.

The For Honor Alpha will contain the following content:

6 For Honor Heroes: 
– Samurai: Orochi (Assassin) and Kensei (Vanguard)
– Vikings: Raider (Vanguard) and Berseker (Assassin)
– Knights: Conqueror (Heavy) and Warder (Vanguard)
For all the info regarding the different classes you can go to the For Honor info page.

3 For Honor maps playable in all 3 modes
– Overwatch (Samurai)
– River Fort (Viking)
– Citadel Gate (Knight)

3 For Honor multiplayer modes
– Dominion (4 versus 4) – Get to a 1000 points by capturing 3 points in the map and killing your enemies
– Brawl (2 versus 2) – Best of 5 in 1 part of the 3 For Honor Maps listed above
– Duel (1 versus 1) – Best of 5 in 3 small parts of the 3 For Honor Maps listed above

For Honor Progression system
There will be a progression system in the For Honor Alpha, where you can level up 1 of the 6 For Honor heroes by earning xp after each match. You also earn loot after the match that can enhance your character. With coins you earn, you can buy different pack that give weapons and armor as well. Leveling up also unlocks news skills and looks for your character.

Ubisoft streamed the For Honor Alpha, you can watch it here!

For Honor Alpha Info

For Honor Alpha Info