It takes some time to become a good player in For Honor, but these For Honor Tips will help.

For Honor Tips

The practice mode is a nice place to get a feel for the game and learn the Art of Battle system, but to then go straight into the dominion mode is not smart. It’s way smarter to do some duels or brawl games – in case you are teaming up with a friend – first. This is the best way to learn your character, but more importantly learn the opponents. What can they do, how can I block the fast berserk for example. If you understand that his range is super short, you see that dodging is smarter than blocking. Know when to attack. For example if you understand that the raider is super slow and you are way faster, you can hit him every time he does a charge attack.

You will probably not find your favorite hero right away, that’s why it’s nice to just change things up as much as you can. Maybe you think you like assassin characters the most, but after playing the conqueror you, for example, see that you prefer a shield after all. It’s a new type of game, with unique gameplay, so trying every hero a few times in the duel and brawl mode will help you understand them. And of course, will also help you fight them.

The best way to finish a character is to execute him, you do that by finishing him off with a heavy attack. This doesn’t just look cool, but If you do it successfully you also get ton of health back. The enemy can not be revived and in case of Dominion the opponent has a longer re spawn timer as well. If the opponent is almost dead, they tend to block a lot, the trick is to find a good spot to use your attack to stun him and finish it off.

If you get these basics down and understand the opponents and your own character, you can venture into the dominion mode. You will totally see that you win most of the battles if you just got some brawl or duel winning sprees. It’s smart to not go to the middle in Dominion, because everyone is doing that. Especially if you are an assassin you want to focus on point A and C and hold that as long as possible. As an assassin you are more 1 versus 1 focused and can’t really take on the AI enemies in the middle. You are also faster than other players, so you can better run to capture the points.

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When you are able to play with friends, play as much together as you can. You will always have an advantage against other players that are alone and can capture points way faster or revive each other to get an advantage over the enemy team. Another helpful tip is to run to a point you have captured if you are low on health. When you stand in the point with no opponent nearby you slowly regenerate health.

Expect way more For Honor tips on For Honor , as well as other news about the For Honor Alpha. Everything you need to know about the For Honor Alpha can be found over here.

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