Want to teach your friend a lesson in a For Honor duel? Well too bad, it seems like it’s not possible to duel against a friend in For Honor right now.

There are some theories from players that say ‘Go into 1v1 Private while NOT in a group. Then invite your friend. Done.’ Well sadly after trying this multiple times this doesn’t seem to work. You party size is simply limited to one person while you are in the duel mode selection screen. You can also not start a duel match with one person in your party already.

So how can you duel a friend in For Honor then? The only way right now is luck. Queue at the same time and hopefully you will get into same match. Some players report that it works, but it can of course take some time to do this (and result in some sad players that see you turn into a bot when you leave). Hopefully Ubisoft will make a dedicated private mode for the For Honor duel, so you can show your skills against your friends any time you want.

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