The For Honor Multiplayer will features 5 modes and a x number of maps (only 3 are announced at this time) for up to 8 players. Learn everything about the For Honor Multiplayer in this part of the wiki.

For Honor Multiplayer modes

Dominion (4 versus 4)

In Dominion 3 teams of 4 players fight for 3 points in the map. A part from the players, there are also AI allies and enemies that engage in the middle point of the map (around point B). T

Skirmish (4 versus 4)

You can compare Skirmish with team death match: you need to kill the enemies in order to gain points. There is an interesting twist though, because if you kill the person that killed you, you will get more points. This is also the case for the enemy. So if you kill someone that player wants to have revenge in order to get more points for the team.

Elimination (4 versus 4)

A very easy and straight forward For Honor multiplayer mode. In Elimination every player has one live, the team that lives the longest wins the round.

Brawl (2 versus 2)

In brawl you and a friend fight against two other players in a best of five round. You spawn in front of an opponent, but you can then chose to engage or help your teammate out.

Duel (1 versus 1)

Duel is the best mode to learn the arts of battle system. In this Duel you can not use feats (active and passive abilities), only your weapon. The player that wins the best of 5 wins. Duel takes place in 3 different sections of the map that rotate in the same order each time, one player wins.

For Honor Multiplayer maps

Overwatch (Samurai map)

More info soon.

River Fort (Viking map)

More info soon.

Citadel Gate (Knight Map)

More info soon.

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