1609, 2016

For Honor: How to duel a friend in the For Honor Alpha

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Want to teach your friend a lesson in a For Honor duel? Well too bad, it seems like it’s not possible to duel against a friend in For Honor right now. (more…)

1609, 2016

For Honor player returns as headless knight

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The For Honor alpha has some bugs currently. People can spawn in the middle of the game or matches can completely crash, but this one bug is rather weird. (more…)

1509, 2016

For Honor Tips & Tricks

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It takes some time to become a good player in For Honor, but these For Honor Tips will help. (more…)

1509, 2016

Win a For Honor Alpha key!

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For Honor News.com gives you a chance to enter the battlefield in the For Honor Alpha! (more…)

1509, 2016

For Honor Alpha is now live!

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Join the fight – For Honor Alpha live! The For Honor alpha is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC! (more…)

1409, 2016

For Honor Alpha Info – Everything You Need To Know

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The For Honor Alpha will be the first time for many users to try out For Honor. (more…)

1409, 2016

Update: Watch the For Honor Alpha live stream here!

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You can watch the full For Honor Alpha live stream from Ubisoft here. (more…)

1309, 2016

For Honor alpha codes are being sent out!

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If you signed up for the For Honor Alpha, then you need to check your inbox right, because For Honor Alpha Codes are being sent out as we speak. (more…)

1209, 2016

For Honor release date announced

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For Honor release date is announced! Ubisoft’s multiplayer focused action game will launch on February 14th 2017 on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. (more…)

1109, 2016

For Honor announced for PS4 Pro – For Honor PS4 Pro

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During the PlayStation Meeting Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro), the new console will be able to play 4K games including For Honor PS4 Pro. (more…)

2908, 2016

For Honor Closed Alpha Dates Announced

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Ubisoft announced the closed alpha dates for For Honor via the Ubiblog.

“And you might even be able to play early, if you qualify for the Closed Alpha running from September 15 through 18.”

The Closed Alpha will probably feature the same For Honor Gamescom 2016 build, where you can play three maps, six heroes and learn a little bit about the For Honor progression system.
You can sign up right now, but Ubisoft notes that a selected group of people will get into the For Honor closed alpha.

2808, 2016

For Honor: why it’s my most anticipated game

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I love For Honor gameplay , in this For Honor Multiplayer gameplay video I share why For Honor PS4 is my most anticipated game.

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In this For Honor Gameplay video I share Samurai gameplay and show a For Honor trailer. I also tell you all about the For Honor modes and classes

For Honor is my favorite game at E3 2015, E3 2016 and Gamescom 2016. So that’s why For Honor gameplay is my most anticipated game.

For Honor ubisoft has a For Honor release date at February 14th 2017 on For Honor PS4, For Honor Xbox One and For Honor PC.

The For Honor alpha will start on September 15th.

For Honor multiplayer will be in the game and a For Honor campaign that you can play co-op.

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1506, 2016

For Honor single player gameplay

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Ubisoft showed the first ever For Honor single player gameplay trailer at E3 2016. Watch it below.

For Honor Gameplay Walkthrough: Viking Campaign Mission – E3 2016 Official

Watch the all-new For Honor gameplay walkthrough of a Viking story campaign mission. Join the Raider in his raid through the Myre, land of the Samurai and discover the unique For Honor combat system: The Art of Battle. Available in both solo and co-op mode.

For Honor is available Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2017 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system, and Windows PC.

910, 2015

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